The Ghost Truckers!

ghostly truck

The Ghost Truckers are a band that hails from North Cambridge, Massachusetts.

This much is known about the Ghost Truckers: They do enjoy themselves a good truck song ( Love like a Truck, Truck Drivin' Man). They've got a penchant for raunchy rockers ( Georgia Slop, Bottle and a Bible ), and when those deliveries have been made, it would be time for the boys to get their twang on ( My Baby's Gone, Six Nights a Week ).

The Ghost Truckers spend plenty of time behind the wheel, but when it's time to put on a show, you'll find them at the local haunts. In the Boston area, keep an eye out for the Ghost Truckers!

2020 Shows:

"Four Pack" - Our EP/CD

We spent a good chunk of 2013 recording "Four Pack", which features 4 original Ghost Trucker songs, check out the samples on iTunes and CD Baby! ( you can download the whole EP for $2.99 on CD Baby )

Four Pack CD

More Ghost Trucker Music:

The audio here is from a December 2011 performance, ripped from video. It's a little rough but gives you a taste. The songs here are all covers.


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Ronnie ( Guitar, Baritone Guitar, Vocals )
Doug ( Vocals, Guitar )
Phil ( Bass )
Willy ( Vocals, Harp, Guitar )